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Illinois Dept. of Employment Security Bus Driver in Peoria, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: POSITION GOAL: Drive any type and size of school bus that may be operatedby the school district for the transportation of passengers on regularly scheduledroutes.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:Operate assigned school use on assigned trips in accordance with printedtrip schedules and in accordance with specified stop, sequence, and timeschedules; board, transport, and discharge passengers.May lift handicapped passengers and assist passengers into and out ofbus as required by Transportation Services Department policy andprocedure.May operate a mechanized wheelchair lift.Load, unload, and ensure security of equipment and cargo.Develop via-directions; maintain and update current pupil and tripmanifests, via-directions, and special instructions pertaining to dailyassignments.Inspect, verify, and monitor the operational condition and safety of vehicleaccessories and assigned buses on a daily basis.Practice non-aggressive, defensive driving techniques; anticipate andimmediately report maneuvering, traffic, and time entrapments whileoperating a bus.Monitor gauges and sensors while operating a bus, report discrepancies,and initiate corrective action.Monitor, conduct, and respond to communications with TransportationServices Department staff via two-way radio.Communicate with dispatch staff on daily basis regarding route orequipment problems, community/school staff special requests, or changesto daily assignments.Maintain effective professional working relationships with pupils, parents,and district staff.May contact parent and/or school officials to coordinate transportationschedules.Enforce district policy and procedure in maintaining discipline on buses;render first aid to passengers on an emergency basis.May secure and transport medications and controlled substances.Maintain working knowledge of and comply with laws and regulationspertaining to pupil transportation.Submit reports of vehicle condition, route time and mileage, passengerridership, maintenance needs, time keeping, and abnormal occurrencesas required.Maintain cleanliness of windows and interior of bus on a daily basis.May wash bus exterior; may fuel and provide minor service to vehicles;may maintain general cleanliness of transportation depots.Ensure familiarity with assigned trips before transporting passengers.May dry-run new trips and major revisions to assigned trips duringtraditional and non-traditional workdays and work hours.Periodically participate in mandated meetings and in-service programsduring traditional and non-traditional workdays and work hours as requiredby the department.May start and end work schedule at various times; may work single splitand extended splits; may work late shifts; may be assigned varied spottimes and locations; may be on duty during lunch period.Perform related duties as assigned.Incumbents may perform any combination of the essential functionsshown above.KNOWLEDGE AND CRITICAL SKILLS:Possession of a valid Illinois Driver's License.Clean driving record.Must pass physical examination as well as pre-employment drug test.Ability to obtain an Illinois Commercial Driver's License with appropriateendorsements as well as school bus driver certificate.Personality and character traits suited to supervision and care of childrenof multiple ethnicities and cultural values, behavioral, and physicalhandicaps.