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Dominos Delivery Driver(02770) - 444 n eola rd in Aurora, Illinois

Job Description: Delivery Expert

General Description: Delivers merchandise from store to customer via personal automobile. Collects money from customer. Mops and sweeps floor. Waits on customers. Maintains kitch-en work area; maintains restaurant equipment and utensils, keeping them clean and in orderly condition. Washes work tables. Segregates and removes trash. Washes pots and pans. Trans-fers food from cooler to work area. Helps in preparation of food. Detail cleaning as directed by manager. Delivers fliers and door hangers. Work Pattern: 4-8 hours per day; 3-6 days per week Work/Rest Cycle: As the work flow dictates—rare to occasional. Required Education/Training: No specific education requirements. Computer based and on the job training and certification will be provided by Employer. Everyone is hired in the entry level position, with promotions made within the company. Duties and Functions: Essen-tial job duties are: delivering pizza by way of automobile. Help in store preparation. Clean work area by sweeping, mopping, and washing dishes. Segregates and removes trash. Communication Require-ments: Essential communica-tion requirements for this job includes verbal communica-tion to the customers, the manager, and other Team Members; and the ability to use the computer to take orders. Environmental Conditions: The work of a driver is performed indoors, as well as out- doors while on deliveries. The driver is required to occasionally go into the cooler to help with preparation of the store. Temperature in the cooler is 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Mechanical Hazards: 1. Can opener—cuts. 2. Oven—burns. 3. Cornmeal—slips and falls re-sulting from cornmeal on floor. Chemical Hazards: 1. Soaps. 2. Anti-bacterial cleansing solutions. 3. Sanitizers. 4. Bleach. Equipment and Tool Use Requirements: Essential Equipment and Tools are the follow-ing: pizza peel, knife, bubble popper, pizza cutter, dough scraper, tongs, pizza boxes, insulated pizza warmers, oven, pizza pans, pizza brush, broom, mop, scissors, car tops. Physical Ability Requirements: Gross motor skills, including use of both hands. Body Position and Movement Demands: Duties performed while

SITTING: Driving to delivery site (frequently). Duties performed while STANDING: Taking orders (occasionally); Preparing pizzas (occasionally); Tending oven (occasionally); Stretching dough (occasionally); Taking phone orders and making call backs (occasionally). Duties performed while

WALKING/ CARRYING include: Going to and from make line to oven with pizzas (occasionally); Sweep-ing and mopping (occasionally); Going to and from computer to make line (occasionally); Walking from store to car and to customers’ residences with merchandise (frequently). Duties performed while BENDING AT THE NECK include: Looking at overhead computer monitor on make line (occasionally). Duties performed while

KNEELING include: Cleaning activities as directed by the manager. Duties performed while

CROUCHING/STOOPING include: Put- ting pizzas in insulated warmer (frequently); Loading boxes to front line (occasionally); Re- trieving items that may have fallen to the floor (occasionally). Duties performed while

TWIST- ING include: Placing toppings on pizza (occasionally); Stretching dough (occasionally); Re- trieving pizzas from oven (occasionally). Duties performed while REACHING include: An- swering phone (frequently); Stretching dough (occasionally); Placing and removing pizza to and from oven (frequently); Exchanging money and pizza with customer (frequently).